20 years of steady progress

Since June 23, 2004, the day we were incorporated and granted charitable status, your local land trust has worked diligently to acquire and steward 13 properties for a current total of 1100 acres set aside for nature, forever. All this has been accomplished with no paid staff, just volunteers and donors. Thank you to everyone who has helped along the way.


Seven new property acquisitions in the works!

We are currently working on seven new acquisitions – five donations and two conservation easements. These acquisitions will protect 150 more hectares (368 acres) in the region, providing habitat for a multitude of species including 12 species at risk — from Blanding’s Turtles to Cerulean Warblers to Butternuts. The new properties mean almost 4 more kilometers of conserved shoreline with just under 2 kilometers of it on highly sensitive Lake Trout Lakes.

These acquisitions are all donations – thank you to these far-sighted landowners who understand the benefits of entrusting cherished nature spaces to a land trust for their long-term protection.

Thank you, too, to our lawyer, Burgandy Dunn, who is committed to helping secure land for nature and does a lot of work for a very reasonable fee.

We continue to raise funds to cover the acquisition costs of each property – appraisals and legal fees – as well as putting aside stewardship funds to pay property taxes, insurance, and other costs for the ongoing care of the properties.

And, with Monte Hummel, former president of the World Wildlife Fund Canada, we are starting a ‘legacy circle’ asking supporters to please include a donation to the Land Conservancy KFLA in their wills. So far, six people told us they have – thank you!


Supporting local nature benefits all of us

Conserving local nature provides safe havens for plants and animals. Conservation lands benefit humans too, helping to purify air and water and absorb CO2, in turn making us more resilient to climate change.


Visit Depot Creek Nature Reserve

To see for yourself the amazing work of your local land trust, please visit Depot Creek Nature Reserve (DCNR), located just west of Verona.


Join the movement to conserve local nature, support your local land trust. Learn more about ways to help.