Join us on Sunday, March 21st at 4 PM for a discussion on plants and pollinators!

Part One: Planting for Pollinators
Dr. Vicki Wojcik is the Director of Research and Programs at the Canadian branch of Pollinator Partnership, a not-for-profit dedicated to the conservation and research of pollinators and their ecosystems. Vicki will talk about planting for nature.

Part Two: Wilding your Yard
Joyce Hostyn will be joining us for a second short presentation on how to transform your garden into a “tiny forest”. Joyce, a master gardener, is the creator of Little Forests Kingston and will share information on how to “rewild” your yard.

Part Three: Photo Sharing Session:
Please send one or two photographs showing how you have “wilded” your space to support nature to: What species have you planted in your garden? Do you have nectar feeders for birds and insects? Submissions close at 12 PM on Sunday, March 21st.
We’ll share your photos for everyone to see after our two presentations, and you can talk about your green space. We will not post your photographs on social media without your permission.