Learn more about your local land trust’s progress in 2022, enjoy our guest presentation

First on the agenda is to review our busy 2022 fiscal period and celebrate the addition of the Somerville Nature Reserve. Then, we are delighted to have Dr. Lenore Fahrig to speak to us about the value of small spaces for biodiversity conservation.

Members and non-members welcome

Non-members are welcome, however, membership matters!  If you are a lapsed member, please consider re-joining as a 2023 member. If you have never been a member, please consider joining as a new member. Your support contributes to protecting land, forever, in this region.  2023 members, thank you. Individual memberships have one vote at the AGM. Family memberships have two votes.

More on our guest speaker

Dr. Fahrig is a Chancellor’s Professor of Biology and co-director of the Geomatics and Landscape Ecology Research Laboratory (GLEL) at Carleton University. Her talk will focus on the effects of fragmenting landscapes, the role of landscape connectivity, and the minimum amount of habitat required to support species. She’s a leading edge scientist whose work has been cited over 58,000 times!