A Visit to the Depot Creek Nature Reserve

Watch a short video.¬†¬†Four students from the Fleming College Ecosystem Management Technology program — Mitchel Kellar, Adrienne Parsons, Rebekah Short, and Elizabeth Travers — reported at our last annual general meeting on best practices for Bobolink and Eastern Meadowlark breeding

A wonderful gift to nature

Laurel Trull lost good friend Ernie Munroe in 2014. “Ernie inspired many with his zest for life. He worked out regularly, loved jazz, played the keyboard, and enjoyed walking with friends on the local trails. He especially enjoyed seeing the

Two new acquisitions

The Land Conservancy Board of Directors is delighted to announce two acquisitions, both on the Salmon River. The Lee Nature Reserve is a 12.5 hectare (31 acre) triangle of land on the west side of the Salmon River near Tamworth